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Thursday, April 29 2010

BRITE serves people 55 and older at risk for, or demonstrating problems with alcohol, prescription medication, over-the-counter medication or illicit drugs.  BRITE services include screenings, brief intervention and  treatment FREE OF CHARGE.

                               Call The Center for Drug Free Living for details on the BRITE project.  

                     BRITE Orlando office:   407-245-0010         BRITE Kissimmee office:   407-846-5440                     



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Thursday, April 29 2010

The next meeting of the Healthcare Sales & Marketing Professionals will be held on May 11, 2010 at Chambrel at Island Lake-160 Islander Court-Longwood, Florida 32750. The agenda for the meeting is: 8:30 am-networking& breakfast-9:00am Presentation Topics:  Marketing to Baby Boomers & Learn about Healthy Chocolate!!  Your $5.00 donation for this meeting will be given to the  Alzheimers Association...

                                                  Please RSVP to Carol 407-767-6600  

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Wednesday, April 28 2010

This letter was written to Dear Abby:
My work with seniors often places me in contact with caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer's.  One woman told me about a gift she received from her son that I think is worth passing along......Abby, he gave her "Tuesdays".....  He boxed the word, wrapped it nicely and ceremoniously presented it to her.....Now, every Tuesday, she can participate in her church group without having to worry about rushing home to take care of her husband.  She can have lunch with her friends, or do whatever she wants.....She said that it's the best gift she has ever received........ Abby replies:  Her son's gift shows compassion and insight.  What he really gave his mother was the gift of peace of mind, and it is one that may add years--and quality--to her life.      

   (Remember, Mother's Day is coming up!!)    Darlene

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Tuesday, April 27 2010
If Alzheimer's disease has touched youe life, you need answers and guidance from a reliable source.  Mayo Clinic now offers a bi-weekly e-newsletter devoted specifically to issues and concerns related to caring for someone with Alzheimer's.  Get medical insight from Mayo experts and find tips from other caregivers for making day-to-day activities easier for yourself and your loved one....( Go to Mayo to sign up for the e-newsletter). 
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Tuesday, April 27 2010

The Light The Night Walk is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's nationwide evening walk.  Walkers carry illuminated balloons to celebrate and commemorate the lives that are touched by cancer. Funds raised will support the mission to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of the lives of patients and their families.  Many of you know, Duke lost his  courageous battle with myeloma in 2008, so this organization has a very special place in my heart. (If you would like to know more about the walk scheduled in your area go to the National Leukemia & Lymphoma Society website and check the date and time for the walk near you.....The one in my area is on October 2, 2010 in Orlando).


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Monday, April 19 2010

"This generation (baby boomers) is a moving target, continuing their lifelong tradition of shaping industries and challenging the status quo," says Dr. Carol Orsborn, co-chair of FH Boom. He continues "However, now the key is to think of boomers at 70 not so much as revolutionaries, but as ?retrolutionaries'. By this definition, retrolutionaries are the vast majority of Boomer-aged consumers who are aiming to get their monetary expenditures in better alignment with values formed at an earlier stage in their lives. Think the 2016 version of Birkenstocks and VW in the 60's and 70's: living affordably, but with style." 

I think Dr. Orsborn makes a great point.  We, as Baby Boomers have always been a part of what's new and hip and fun (while staying within the budget of course).  Now we are being called on again to make a change, but not a change to new; a change to the way things were.It seems to me that so many people have gotten away from the simple things; spending time around the dinner table with family discussing the day or going out for some ice cream to chat with friends.  Some where along the way, "How successful you were" or "What clothes you wore" became more important than relationships.  Now, as we grow up :-), we have begun to understand that getting back to the way things were is crucial.  We have to spend our time, our energy and our money on connecting with the people we most care about.  Not only that, it is also our job to help with passing these values down to our children and grandchildren. 

We must make "family night" more fun than the iPhone or myspace.  We have to invest in our families future.  It will not only give us the fulfillment that we so desperately desire, but also set a great foundation for the ones that look up to us. So I say, "Viva la Retrolutionaires!"  Let us embrace the next chapter of our lives and in doing so help the next generation write theirs as well.

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